Bàn phím cơ Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L RGB - Crystal Edition

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Bàn phím cơ Cooler Master MasterKeys Pro L RGB - Crystal Edition

Bàn phím cơ trong suốt đầu tiên trên thế giới. 

Vỏ trong suốt, keycap trong suốt.

Mang lại 1 trải nghiệm vô cùng đặc biệt cho cả người mới chơi phím cơ và những người chơi phím cơ lâu năm. Một trải nghiệm lung linh, sặc sỡ, tưng bừng chưa bao giờ từng gặp.

Các thông số còn lại đều giống như bản Masterkeys Pro L RGB thường. Các ưu điểm : build chắc chắn, gọn gàng, vuông vắn, tinh tế, cảm giác gõ tốt, độ bền cao. 


Get the best of both worlds with the MasterKeys Pro L. The brightest LEDs and the best responsive feeling that gamers have come to love. We completely redesigned the interior to fit both CHERRY MX switches and the biggest LEDs that radiate 16.7 million colors. You also get on-the-fly macros, profile support, and easy-to-use software - all in a sleek, minimalistic design.

Brilliant Illumination


The MasterKeys Pro L radiates any color you want, and with the Crystal edition it now shines brighter than ever. Change and customize the color with or without software. LEDs include multiple modes of operation, including Color Wave, Breathing, and unique responsive effects.

Clearly Unique


The MasterKeys Pro L Crystal Edition lets you stand apart from the rest. Transparent keys and casing let your custom illuminations radiate brighter than ever before, while the frosted coating protects from glare.

The Best of Both Worlds94-image-002-031416.jpg

Cooler Master engineers went to work on how to effectively design a keyboard with superior switches and the brightest LED backlighting. We gutted the interior and redefined RGB backlighting by modifying the printed circuit board (PCB) with small cutouts to let the LEDs sit snugly against the switches. That means we’re still able to use genuine Cherry MX switches with their RGB housing AND larger, brighter LEDs.

Processing Power Unleashed


The MasterKeys Pro is outfitted with the most powerful ARM Cortex M3 processor found in keyboards in the market right now. Clocking in at an impressive 72 MHz, the processor is 25% faster than keyboards that use Cortex M0 processor, which greatly unlocks the potential for the MasterKeys Pro On-the-fly System. Save and execute commands and macros instantly. No loading. No waiting. You'll beat your opponent to the punch every time.

Casual Users

Just plug and play. For those not looking to install software, they can adjust and change settings via the On-the-fly System without the need to install anything.

Hardcore Users

Download software for more customization. For those looking to get even more out of their product, precisely customize colors and save profiles for backup.


The MasterKeys Pro supports SDK. For those who know how to program C++ and want to take a crack at coding themselves, they’re able to create and make their own keyboard lighting effects.

Hybrid 6 Plus N-Key Rollover

Exclusive anti-ghosting technology features two technologies rolled into one, making the keyboard’s functions and macros compatible even on iOS systems. We’ve combined N-key and 6-key rollover together, ensuring each keypress is correctly detected regardless of how many keys are pressed. If six or more keys are pressed, it automatically switches over to N-key rollover. Rest easy knowing no matter how fast and furious it gets, on whatever OS you choose to game on, your keyboard can handle it.


Macro and Profile Support

Four profile keys offer quick backlighting and macro recording without hassle. Program multiple keystrokes to a single key or change per-key backlighting with intuitive keyboard commands. Getting familiar with a new game and looking for an edge? Program keys with different colors to help you learn the in-game keybinds faster.




Casing Frosted transparent plastic
Keycaps Blank
Switch CHERRY SWITCH (Red / Brown / Blue)
MCU ARM Cortex M3 with 72Mhz
LED Drive Three LED Drive, 12 PWM per each
Response Rate 1000hz
Repeat Rate Four levels 1X / 2X / 4X / 8X
6 plus N-Key Rollover Supported
Anti-Ghosting Full
Software Supported
Detachable Cable Y
Cable Management 180°

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